About Us

All About Me

As you can see from my picture, I am a pretty serious person. (Not really. LOL)  Here’s the real deal. My name is Vonda Howard and I am a big ole’ kid at heart.  I have always been a creative soul whether it be writing, crocheting, dance and painting. 

I was born and raised in Washington DC, which is where I still live with my family. I have been married to the same awesome man for 21 years and we have two kids (boy and girl). 

What I Believe

Like any other little girl, I loved my dolls (Still do).  Unfortunately, just like all of the other little brown girls, the dolls that were offered rarely looked like me. None of them had my hair, my skin, my eyes, my nose. While there were A FEW options available, they were often unattractive or expensive. 

It is my belief that all children should have toys and dolls that reflect them in a positive way. Positive representation matters for healthy self-image. 

What I Do

I get to play with dolls for a living! Is that awesome, or what?  I create handmade (both yarn and fabric) dolls that are high quality and machine washable. While I SPECIALIZE in creating african-american dolls that represent black children in a positive and uplifting light, I DO create dolls of ALL colors and genders.  

I also create handmade stuffed animals and children’s clothes and accessories.